9 Best Places To Get Materials For Your Paint And Sip Business In Melbourne

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In the past decades, paint and sip businesses have taken over in Melbourne. Also, in Melbourne today, the paint and sip Melbourne business is one of the hottest businesses. However, if you want to start this business, you need to get some materials ready. Right there in Melbourne, there are countless places you can get quality materials to start your business. 

Let me chip in this, the way to maintain your paint and sip business in Melbourne is to ensure that you are using the quality materials like Acrylic paints, Paintbrushes, Easels, Paper towels, Canvases, Aprons, and so on. 

Therefore, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Like I said earlier, you can get quality materials for your paint and sip business in Melbourne. You might be wondering if there are brands that deal with supplying art materials in Melbourne. Yes, of course, so many of them.

Therefore, the essence of this write-up is to direct you to where you can get quality materials for your paint and sip business. Below here are the top 9 art suppliers in Melbourne:

  1. Joann Fabrics and Craft
  2. Michaels
  3. Snidely Wood Studio
  4. Romac Ceramics
  5. Outlay Pottery Gallery
  6. Hobby Lobby
  7. Meehan’s Office Products
  8. Art and Soul Studio
  9. Ralphs Art Supply

Let’s ride!

Joann Fabrics and Craft

Joann Fabrics and Craft is located at 1537 New Haven Ave, West Melbourne. They deal with all kinds of materials for your paint and sip business. Joann has been in this game for over five years, and you can trust them to get the suitable materials you need. Customers’ satisfaction is their watchword. At Joann Fabrics and Craft, you can get lovely and standard canvases, acrylic paints of different colors, a well-arranged paintbrush in different sizes and patterns, paper towels, and lots more. They are one of the best art suppliers in Melbourne. Their products are relatively cheap, and they are ready to deliver the products to you at your doorstep.  Click here to read about Eight main types of artistic paintbrush for paint and sip party.


This company is located at The Avenue Viera, Melbourne. If you want long-lasting materials for your paint and sip business in Melbourne, consider the Michaels stores. Their paint and sip materials are the best that you need. The Michaels store is always open as early as 9 am to 9 pm. Excepts Sundays, they open at 10 am and closes by 7 pm. They are one of the best leading art suppliers in Melbourne. Trust me, and you will have a great experience with their customer service. The Michaels store is spotless and well organized. Their products are relatively cheap.

Snidely Wood Studio

Snidely was established in 2005. They are located at 3905 Kings Highway. Snidely Wood Studio has been in the game of delivering quality materials for paint and sip studios for the past sixteen years. However, Douglas (the owner of the store) aims at making it possible for paint and sip in Melbourne to reach a higher level. He was once an attendee in different paint and sip studios in Melbourne. At Snidely, you will get incredible paint and sip materials like canvases, instructional easels, paintbrushes, palettes, aprons, and lots more. Their products are not expensive, and you can easily make your orders online. Visit their website for more information.

Romac Ceramics

This art store is located at 1425 Columbia Ln, Melbourne. They are passionate about making your paints and sip business dreams come to life. Their collection of art materials contains canvases, aprons, acrylic paints, table clothes, palettes, and lots more. They are well-known in Melbourne because of their quality art products. Romac Ceramics is the best place to get unique products for your paint and sip business in Melbourne.

Outlay Pottery Gallery

Honestly, Outlay Pottery is unique. They deal with art supplies, art galleries, and special education. Their paint and sip materials are incomparable. At Pottery Gallery, you can get all the materials needed for your paint and sip business. Their products are expensive, but they are the best products that will serve you for years.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a store filled with décor, seasonal, and craft items. This store is clean, and their staffs are amicable. Hobby Lobby has a wide selection of all kinds of paint and sip material that you need. At Hobby Lobby, almost all their products are 50 percent off sale as a bonus. This company is located at 7201 Shoppes Dr, Melbourne. They are always on throughout the days of the week except for Sundays. Therefore, if you want a store that will attend to your needs at affordable prices, nowhere else to go than Hobby Lobby.

Meehan’s Office Products

Meehan has a decently sized collection of art supplies. They have different watercolors of good quality, a rounded-out collection of ink and pens with a reasonable price package. Are you in need of quality materials to start your paint and sip business in Melbourne? or you are already in the business and you to restock, trust me, Meehan got you covered. Meehan is a family-oriented business that encompasses a full range of office and art products. They are dedicated to quality art supplies along with professional customer service. Meehan’s Office Products is located at 900 E, New Haven Ave, Melbourne.

Art and Soul Studio

If you want to create works of art or grow in visual art, Art and Soul is a perfect place to explore. Flexibility with diverse materials at their studio makes it easy to find yourself in the paint and sip business. They have a beautiful showroom and precious artwork materials. Art and Soul Studio is passionate about delivering lovely art products that will make your dreams come to reality. Therefore, if you need quality and unique materials for your paint and sip business in Melbourne, Art and Soul Studio is the best place to explore. They are located at 664 Patrick Dr, Melbourne.

Ralphs Art Supply

This art supplier is located at 1420 Highland Ave, Melbourne. At Ralphs store, you will get quality paints, acrylics, watercolors, oils, papers, pencils, palettes, aprons, easels, and lots more. Customer service is masterful at Ralph’s Art Supply. 


There is nothing to worry about. I hope you can feel it right now that your dream of opening a paint and sip studio in Melbourne gradually becomes a reality. The above-listed nine places are located in Melbourne. Therefore, your worry about getting quality materials for your paint and sip business has been solved.